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‘’Alqen has been a game-changer for my online arbitrage business. I'm able to easily storefront stalk and filter out sellers' products instead of having to manually click through them one by one on Seller Amp. It's a huge time-saver!’’
Jennifer Thompson
Online Arbitrage Seller
‘’Alqen's brand database is insane. It pretty much has all of the brands that sell on Amazon, and I'm able to easily find products within a brand that I'm ungated for as a seller and are profitable. It's a powerful tool for online arbitrage.’’
Rajesh Patel
Online Arbitrage Seller
‘’I was always unsure about whether or not a product would sell, but thanks to Alqen, I'm now very confident. They showcase estimated sales along with the historical estimated sales of the entire product and the Amazon bought in the past month, so I know the product is selling at all times. ’’
Maria Hernandez
Online Arbitrage Seller
‘’Alqen has been instrumental in helping me find brand-direct deals. Their database of brands is even bigger than Smart Scout's, and unlike Smart Scout, Alqen gives me the option to filter products of a brand. It's made sourcing so much more efficient and effective.’’
David Johnson
Wholesale Seller
‘’The Alqen team has shown me a lot of new ways to source different distributors, one of which was using the subcategory research to niche down and find really specific distributors that carry some of these brands on Amazon and Walmart. It's been an absolute game-changer for my wholesale business.’’
Samantha Lee
Wholesale Seller
‘’I've been using Alqen's seller research tool to find wholesalers that have recently opened up accounts with distributors, and it's been phenomenal. I've actually been able to open up accounts with these distributors directly as a result. It's hands-down one of the best tools for storefront stalking wholesale sellers.’’
Michael Chen
Wholesale Seller
‘’Alqen's brand research feature has been a game-changer for my private label business. It helped me find competitors of my product and easily identify listings with negative reviews. This insight allowed me to understand what I can do to improve my product and outperform my competitors. It's been a key factor in my success.’’
Sarah Davis
Brand Owner
‘’Alqen's subcategory research tool is one of the best I've ever used. It allowed me to niche down and find different niches on both Amazon and Walmart to sell in, simply by analyzing the competition in each subcategory across both platforms. This has helped me discover untapped opportunities and expand my private label business.’’
Alex Nguyen
Brand Owner
‘’Alqen's product research feature has been a huge game-changer for my private label business. With its historical sales data, I was able to identify when specific items sell best. This insight allowed me to niche down and find products that are really popular during the summertime, helping me optimize my product launches and maximize my profits.’’
Emily Parker
Brand Owner
‘’Alqen has been instrumental in helping me find marketing clients. With the brand research tool, I'm able to filter down to find my exact target market and gain access to their specific brand. I can see their storefront to understand what I could potentially improve, and Alqen even provides contact information for the sellers themselves. It's been a game-changer for my agency.’’
Andrew Wilson
Agency Owner
‘’Alqen has been incredibly valuable in helping me research the market and provide insights to my clients. I can now inform them about market trends and identify hot niches to capitalize on. This level of data-driven advice has significantly improved my agency's value proposition and helped me retain clients for the long term.’’
Olivia Patel
Operations Manager
‘’Alqen is pretty much the only tool our agency needs to gain insights into the market, competition, sellers, brands - you name it. Their customer service has also been exceptional. I've always received prompt responses, and the founder, Andy, even personally hopped on a call with me to help set up automations for my business. That level of support is unmatched.’’
Liam Nguyen
‘’Whenever I'm looking to purchase a brand on Amazon or Walmart, I turn to Alqen first. They have the most extensive data, which can actually back up whether or not a seller is truly selling. It gives me a comprehensive overview of the market. As a business buyer, I only want to invest in businesses that can generate profit, and Alqen provides me with the necessary insights to make informed decisions.’’
Jacob Thompson
Business Owner
‘’Alqen's brand research feature has been a lifesaver for my business buying ventures. I was able to specifically filter out brands that matched my criteria and reach out to the sellers of those brands using the contact information Alqen provided. This has helped me streamline my acquisition process and ensure that my purchasing decisions are backed by data. It's been a game-changer for my business.’’
Isabella Rodriguez
Business Owner
‘’When I was looking to acquire a wholesale business, Alqen's seller research data proved invaluable. It allowed me to see all of the products that the seller was currently offering and identify potential areas for growth and improvement. The UC scanner provided by Alqen helped me uncover all the wholesale connections that the business had, giving me a clear picture of how I could scale the business after acquisition.’’
Ethan Lee
Business Owner
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